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Friday morning
Gočár (155)
10:30–11:20 Christian RosendalAmenability, optimal transport and abstract ergodic theorems abstract
11:30–12:20 Michael a HrusakUltrafilters and countably compact groups abstractslides
Friday afternoon
Janák (107)
14:30–15:10 Aleksandra KwiatkowskaThe generic continuum approximated by finite graphs with confluent epimorphisms abstractslides
15:20–15:45 Alessandro CodenottiGeneralized Ważewski dendrites as projective Fraïssé limits abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Adam BartošHereditarily indecomposable continua as Fraïssé limits abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Wiesław KubiśGeneric Polish metric spaces abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Andreas ZastrowAn embedded circle into ${\mathbb R}^3$ might not be able to escape before an isotoped linked circle abstract
Krejcar (111)
14:30–15:10 Lyubomyr ZdomskyySelective properties of products of Fréchet-Urysohn spaces. abstractslides
15:20–15:45 Serhii BardylaOn completeness and topologizability of countable semigroups abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Ľubomír SnohaCook continua as a tool in topological dynamics abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Faiz ImamPeriodicity of solenoidal automorphisms abstractslides
Hall 152 (112)
15:20–15:45 Veronika PitrováMinimal non-trivial closed hereditary coreflective subcategories in categories of topological spaces abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Olivier Olela OtafuduOn entropies in quasi-metric spaces abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Mcedisi ZweniOn convex structures in quasi metric spaces abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Collins Amburo AgyingiWhen is a quasi-uniformly continuous real-valued function on a quasi-uniform space bounded? abstractslides