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Thursday morning
Gočár (155)
09:00–09:50 Taras BanakhAutomatic continuity of measurable homomorphisms on Čech-complete topological groups abstractslides
10:30–11:20 Mikhail TkachenkoOn stability and weight of Lindelöf P-groups abstractslides
11:30–12:20 Ondřej KurkaComplexity of distances, reducibility and universality abstractslides
Thursday afternoon
Janák (107)
14:30–15:10 Sergey AntonyanSome hyperspaces of compact convex sets and their orbit spaces abstractslides
15:20–15:45 Noé de RancourtBig Ramsey degrees in the metric context abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Matěj KonečnýBig Ramsey degrees and infinite languages abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Jan HubičkaRamsey theorem for trees with sucessor operation abstractslides
Krejcar (111)
14:30–15:10 István JuhászThe double density spectrum of a topological space abstractslides
15:20–15:45 Nathan CarlsonOn the cardinality of a power homogeneous compactum abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Ivan GotchevOn some results about cardinal inequalities for topological spaces abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Paul GartsideBox and Nabla Products that are D-Spaces abstractslides
Hall 152 (112)
15:20–15:45 Jorge BrunoA proof of the Tree Alternative Conjecture for the Topological Minor Relation abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Zdeněk SilberWeak* derived sets abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Juliane Trianon-FragaSome Pseudocompact-Like Properties in Certain Topological Groups abstractslides
Hall 153 (113)
15:20–15:45 Gonçalo GutierresClosure spaces, countable conditions and the axiom of choice abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Sang-Eon HanDigital-topological $k$-group structures on digital objects abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Pratulananda DasGenerating subgroups of the circle using density functions abstractslides