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Wednesday morning
Janák (107)
09:00–09:40 Alejandro IllanesEmbeddings of the pseudo-arc into some spaces abstractslides
10:10–10:50 Will BrianPartitioning the real line into Borel sets abstractslides
11:10–11:35 Justin MooreOn the additivity of strong homology for locally compact second countable spaces abstract
11:45–12:10 Max PitzThe topological end space problem abstractslides
Krejcar (111)
09:00–09:40 Alexander ShibakovCatching sequences with ideals abstractslides
10:10–10:50 Antonio AvilesCompact spaces associated to Banach lattices abstractslides
11:10–11:35 Ondřej KalendaTopologies related to (I)-envelopes abstractslides
11:45–12:10 Witold MarciszewskiOn zero-dimensional subspaces of Eberlein compacta and a characterization of $\omega$-Corson compacta abstractslides