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Monday morning
Gočár (155)
09:00–10:00 Jan van MillMany weak P-sets abstractslides
10:30–11:20 Alan DowS and Moore-Mrowka spaces under really not CH abstractslides
11:30–12:20 Stevo TodorcevicGeneric metrizability abstractslides
Monday afternoon
Janák (107)
14:30–15:10 Olena KarlovaBaire-one functions on topological spaces: some recent results and open questions abstractslides
15:20–15:45 Stefan GeschkeUniversal flows revisited abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Alexander DranishnikovEmbedding of the Higson compactification into the product of adelic solenoids abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Leandro AurichiSome variations of the Banach–Mazur game abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Paul SzeptyckiWeakenings of normality and special sets of reals abstractslides
Krejcar (111)
14:30–15:10 Rodrigo Hernandez-GutierrezHyperspaces of Erdős space abstractslides
15:20–15:45 Olga SipachevaČech and Katětov covering dimensions and more or less related questions concerning F-groups abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Tommaso RussoAn Asplund space with norming M-basis that is not WCG abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Marián FabianSeparable reductions, rich families and projectional skeletons in non-separable Banach spaces abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Marek CúthCharacterization of (semi-)Eberlein compacta using retractional skeletons abstractslides
Hall 152 (112)
15:20–15:45 Katsuhisa KoshinoRecognizing the topologies on subspaces of $L^p$-spaces on metric measure spaces abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Wojciech BielasScattered $P$-spaces of weight $\omega_1$ abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Michał PopławskiIdeal boundedness of series vs Banach spaces possessing a copy of $c_0$ abstractslides
Hall 153 (113)
15:20–15:45 Bill ManceDescriptive complexity in number theory and dynamics abstractslides
16:15–16:40 Jan DudákPlanar absolute retracts and countable structures abstractslides
16:50–17:15 Damian GłodkowskiA Banach space $C(K)$ reading the dimension of $K$ abstractslides
17:25–17:50 Peter VojtasOn a new problem of complexity theory arising from Galois-Tukey connections abstractslides