Scientific programme

Invited talks

Sergey Antonyan Some hyperspaces of compact convex sets and their orbit spaces abstract slides
Antonio Aviles Compact spaces associated to Banach lattices abstract slides
Taras Banakh Automatic continuity of measurable homomorphisms on Čech-complete topological groups abstract slides
Will Brian Partitioning the real line into Borel sets abstract slides
Dikran Dikranjan Entropy of amenable monoid actions abstract slides
Alan Dow S and Moore-Mrowka spaces under really not CH abstract slides
Eli Glasner Todorčević Trichotomy and a hierarchy in the class of tame dynamical systems abstract slides
Rodrigo Hernandez-Gutierrez Hyperspaces of Erdős space abstract slides
Michael a Hrusak Ultrafilters and countably compact groups abstract slides
Alejandro Illanes Embeddings of the pseudo-arc into some spaces abstract slides
István Juhász The double density spectrum of a topological space abstract slides
Olena Karlova Baire-one functions on topological spaces: some recent results and open questions abstract slides
Piotr Koszmider New applications of $\Psi$-spaces in analysis abstract slides
Ondřej Kurka Complexity of distances, reducibility and universality abstract slides
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska The generic continuum approximated by finite graphs with confluent epimorphisms abstract slides
Jan van Mill Many weak P-sets abstract slides
Piotr Oprocha On pseudoarc and dynamics abstract slides
Christian Rosendal Amenability, optimal transport and abstract ergodic theorems abstract
Alexander Shibakov Catching sequences with ideals abstract slides
Mikhail Tkachenko On stability and weight of Lindelöf P-groups abstract slides
Stevo Todorcevic Generic metrizability abstract slides
Boaz Tsaban Selection Principles and Omission of Intervals abstract slides
Lyubomyr Zdomskyy Selective properties of products of Fréchet-Urysohn spaces. abstract slides

Contributed talks

Collins Amburo Agyingi When is a quasi-uniformly continuous real-valued function on a quasi-uniform space bounded? abstract slides
T M G Ahsanullah On the category of probabilistic topological convergence groups abstract
Leandro Aurichi Some variations of the Banach–Mazur game abstract slides
Serhii Bardyla On completeness and topologizability of countable semigroups abstract slides
Adam Bartoš Hereditarily indecomposable continua as Fraïssé limits abstract slides
Wojciech Bielas Scattered $P$-spaces of weight $\omega_1$ abstract slides
Jorge Bruno A proof of the Tree Alternative Conjecture for the Topological Minor Relation abstract slides
Nathan Carlson On the cardinality of a power homogeneous compactum abstract slides
Alessandro Codenotti Generalized Ważewski dendrites as projective Fraïssé limits abstract slides
Marek Cúth Characterization of (semi-)Eberlein compacta using retractional skeletons abstract slides
Pratulananda Das Generating subgroups of the circle using density functions abstract slides
Alexander Dranishnikov Embedding of the Higson compactification into the product of adelic solenoids abstract slides
Jan Dudák Planar absolute retracts and countable structures abstract slides
Marián Fabian Separable reductions, rich families and projectional skeletons in non-separable Banach spaces abstract slides
Paul Gartside Box and Nabla Products that are D-Spaces abstract slides
Stefan Geschke Universal flows revisited abstract slides
Davide Giacopello On some relative versions of Menger and Hurewicz properties abstract slides
Ivan Gotchev On some results about cardinal inequalities for topological spaces abstract slides
Gonçalo Gutierres Closure spaces, countable conditions and the axiom of choice abstract slides
Damian Głodkowski A Banach space $C(K)$ reading the dimension of $K$ abstract slides
Sang-Eon Han Digital-topological $k$-group structures on digital objects abstract slides
Jan Hubička Ramsey theorem for trees with sucessor operation abstract slides
Faiz Imam Periodicity of solenoidal automorphisms abstract slides
Heikki Junnila On $\sigma$-metacompact function spaces abstract slides
Ondřej Kalenda Topologies related to (I)-envelopes abstract slides
Bekbolot Kanetov Selections Principles in Uniform Topology abstract slides
Dinara Kanetova On $\mu$-Completeness of Uniform Spaces and Uniformly Continuous Mappings abstract slides
Matan Komisarchik Tame Locally Convex Spaces abstract slides
Matěj Konečný Big Ramsey degrees and infinite languages abstract slides
Katsuhisa Koshino Recognizing the topologies on subspaces of $L^p$-spaces on metric measure spaces abstract slides
Matheus Koveroff Bellini Arbitrarily large countably compact free Abelian groups abstract slides
Mikołaj Krupski The Menger property is $l$-invariant abstract slides
Wiesław Kubiś Generic Polish metric spaces abstract slides
Arkady Leiderman $\Delta$-spaces $X$ and distinguished spaces $C_p(X)$ abstract slides
Fortunato Maesano Some compact-type and Lindelöf-type relative versions of star-covering properties abstract slides
Bill Mance Descriptive complexity in number theory and dynamics abstract slides
Witold Marciszewski On zero-dimensional subspaces of Eberlein compacta and a characterization of $\omega$-Corson compacta abstract slides
Michael Megrelishvili Orderable groups and semigroup compactifications abstract slides
Justin Moore On the additivity of strong homology for locally compact second countable spaces abstract
Peter Nyikos ZFC solution to 9 problems of Tkachuk on functional countability abstract slides
Olivier Olela Otafudu On entropies in quasi-metric spaces abstract slides
Aleksanar Pavlović Continuity with or without ideal abstract slides
Veronika Pitrová Minimal non-trivial closed hereditary coreflective subcategories in categories of topological spaces abstract slides
Max Pitz The topological end space problem abstract slides
Michał Popławski Ideal boundedness of series vs Banach spaces possessing a copy of $c_0$ abstract slides
Noé de Rancourt Big Ramsey degrees in the metric context abstract slides
Tommaso Russo An Asplund space with norming M-basis that is not WCG abstract slides
Zdeněk Silber Weak* derived sets abstract slides
Olga Sipacheva Čech and Katětov covering dimensions and more or less related questions concerning F-groups abstract slides
Ľubomír Snoha Cook continua as a tool in topological dynamics abstract slides
Paul Szeptycki Weakenings of normality and special sets of reals abstract slides
Franklin Tall Countable tightness and the Grothendieck property in $C_p$-theory abstract slides
Juliane Trianon-Fraga Some Pseudocompact-Like Properties in Certain Topological Groups abstract slides
Peter Vojtas On a new problem of complexity theory arising from Galois-Tukey connections abstract slides
Jindrich Zapletal On sequentiality of Polish topologies abstract slides
Andreas Zastrow An embedded circle into ${\mathbb R}^3$ might not be able to escape before an isotoped linked circle abstract
Nicolò Zava The large-scale geometry of LCA groups abstract slides
Mcedisi Zweni On convex structures in quasi metric spaces abstract slides


Sohail Farhangi The topological canonical van der Waerden conjecture abstract poster
Aura Lucina Kantun-Montiel Projections of almost connected groups as G-fibrations abstract